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Server Project


Because our servers got stolen the second day of computer science, we did not get to take them apart so they got lucky this time. But we did get to look up different components that make up a server. First off, what is a server? A server looks like a computor and runs like a computer(figuratively) but is not a computer. A server "serves" other computers. So basically it allows other computors to access the same website, game, videos, etc. And we all use servers when you fire up your web browser to Google something, to shop for something on Amazon, and if you play Minecraft you can use a server to play with your friends. After we found what computers are used for we were able to see one opened up that Pedro brought. Earlier we looked up different components of a server and some of those pats include:

The Hard Drive

The hard drive is where all your information is stored. It works even if you break your computer and all you have to do is plug it into another computer.

The Ram

RAM stands for; Random Access Memory. You need RAM to play games, surf the web, but this memory is not saved so if your computer is running slow you can just erase your history because that is saved on the RAM. All RAM stores memory so if it is full your computer will run slow, so this is why you usually want a computer with good ram if you play video games.

The Processor

Processor: This part of the computer is what PROCESSES everything. The biggest processing company is INTEL(followed by AMD which I like a little better). This part of the computer is also known as the CPU and is kind of the brain of the computer. A fast processor can give you better graphics so you usually want a computer with good processor also if you play video games.

The Mother Board

The Mother board is the main circuitry of the computer. Everything Is connected to this board. Every Laptop has a Motherboard and new laptops like Chrome Books often have Just a Motherboard and nothingelse in them.

Of course there are many other parts in a computer like the USB ports, the moniter, fans, cooling systems, etc. but these are the main Hard Ware that every computer requires.