3D Graphics Page

Day 1

For the first day of expeditions, we began the day by clapping and welcoming our new student. Also Mr. Farrell gave us a story on art and perspective leading up to 3 Dimensional objects and animation today. He also gave us an introduction in to what we'll be doing later this week in CS including our Field trip to EA games tomorrow. Over all, this week will be fun because along with our field trip, this week includes 3D graphics. Today when we think of a 3D object, many different images come to mind ranging from a cube to a gif to a 3D movie. For centuries humans have tried to make more realistic art, however those people neglected to understand that when they are drawing on a 2 Dimensional platform, their image will also become a 2D image. However we today can just google a 3D gif or play a video game and see a world as real as ours, how is that possible?

In order to understand exactly how to make a 3D image, we need to do some math review. Most people know how to draw a cube or a pyramid, right? If you do then you know that the image can change depending on how you squint your eyes, and eve though it appears to "pop out" in reality it is still a 2 Dimensional object but this week in graphics we are learning how to make a 3 Dimensional object by using porportion, perspetive, and many real life factors that exist in our world today.

The first image that we made was a 3D cube, then we made a ice cream cone, an then I made a doughnut.

Tuesday was our EA trip which was really fun. The part that I thought was most interesting was not only the fact that ever building and every room had video games and the fact that the employee store sold video games so cheap, I was mostly shocked at how much leisure EA employees were given. They had their own gym, they had their own indoor basketball court, and they had café's. But but before we went to EA we worked on Alice. Alice is another free 3D Graphics maker for video games kinda like scratch. The game I was working on was a space video game and even though I didn't get to finish I think it came out very well. What was challenging was trying to get the camera to follow my spaceman.

One Wednesday we used another Graphics program called Sketch witch was pretty fun once I found out how to use it. It was actually really cool because it reminded me about legos which is my favourite child hood toy. On Sketch I could literally make anything I wanted, but I decided on something simple like a house. It waspretty hard to make the fence because Sketch is pretty sensitive so whenever I tried to stretch the rectangle i ended up moving the whole world. However, when I started to use my mouse, it actually became alot easier to control everything.

One Thursday we did a crash course in trigonometry and how it is used in 3D graphics. I learned from Mr. Farrell that trigonometry in the real world only requires sine and cosine, and knowing this earlier would've been a lot easier than learning about tangents and all the other stuff. After the crash course we used python to create a recration of the solar system, but even though Vidle wasn't working for some reason, I still learned a lot on how trigonometry is used in animation, in science, and computers. It was interesting to see how just multiplying two numbers could send the earth flying into the sun and how much sine and cosines are used in animation and the music fields.

Friday/ vectors

Today we again used Math with 3D graphics in Python. But today we worked more on vectors and even though I haven't studied them yet, everyone else in the class seemed to grown at the mention of it. So today we used vectors to model gravity and projectile montion with a ball. What was interesting is that I realized how much a objects direction can change by just changing either the x,y, or z. If I changed the y, the balls y axis would either change up or down. If I changed the x axis, the ball moved along the x axis yet moved up and down also. And when I changed the z axis the third dimension changed.