3D Programming

This is what I did in Alice is about a old man got lost at sea with has brother first he say he got lost then you go to the land and you will see his brother.

This right here is his brother.

This where you founded his brother in has life he need to share a land with has brother and know they have there own island tell you he is fine.

First he will go back and talk to you, then the animal talk to him say it great. The lion say yes we do then the other animal talk say the some thing.

Then you tell him that great and they own there own land.

This are code and some show a loop on one of them and yes I use one loop I make him do it for two time's that is I went it to do.

Lights camera action

This is one the thing we learn in class and it is call light camera action. You need Alice for and it is just make the camera where you went it to go in a place it.

This is a picture what you do on it.


It was Wednesday we do SketchUp. This is SketchUp and SketchUp is a Programming that is a 3D and to build a house or other things.

This is my 3D house I have. I remove the roof to make you to see what I did. I make everything in color. First you will have a person there.

First thing you will have is this woman. She use for can some one can life in you building. But first if you don't know how to make building or something. we watch a tutorials how to do it.

This is the tool you will use to make the building like my.

This is the control I use to see what I did or to build.The both one is the one that you have to build.

Vidle pyhton

On Thursday we make a sphere on python and we could move it with right click and projectile with the ball.

This is a ball bounce in the box and making a tail of blue.

I took 2 screen short of the orbit and we make it lave a tail where the earth go and orbit around the sun.

This is the code of my plant and the sun.We make the plant go in a orbit and I take screen short what did.

This does not show nothing we did and I think how long you lift it on it will do this





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