Processing 2

On Monday we are learning about the C family of the programming languages. Later we are going to use JavaScript. This is a programming that you can draw art and you just need to put a code to do that.

We made a smile face. With a code

This the smile face.

This is the code for the ball to bounce.

This is the ball bounce in the screen.

On Wednesday we have made a house and my house was not great.

We made this. It just making circles really fast.We made the code.

Java Script

On Tuesday we learn how to use Java Script and also know what is a turning machine.

Turing Machine

If you don't know what is a Turing Machine it is a Machine that Alan use to win the war. He use it to find the Germans. He died not in war but being gay because it was 1936 and if you were gay you have to go to jail and he can't take it and he took his own live.





3D programming

Games Programming