Server Project

We learn about server inside and learn there CUP, RAM and hard dive and more like CD drive.

This is a serve,and you will know some parts of it.

Let go and take about some things you will not see or talk about like the fans that cool the computer or the CD.

I will saw you the RAM and is use for access memory or document or change the and save it in you computer like that.

Trouble shoot

Frail Trip to Intel

On Friday we are going to headquarters to Intel. We are going to see how they make CPU,AMD,and ARM.There are use for computer.We going to light could other thing could make artificial intelligence and Alan Turing think that. Also Intel is use for new computer comes out but if you have a computer it would have a chip inside. I saw informant what is semiconductor is a material which has electrical conductivity to a degree between that of a conductor such as copper and that of an insulator such as glass. Semiconductors are the foundation of modern electronics, including transistors, solar cells, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), quantum dots and digital and analog integrated circuits.

We are going to learn about wafer and also we learn that they are made from silicon crystal. I learn that wafer is dangers to touch without protected glove to touch it.Wafers grown using materials other than silicon will have different thicknesses than a silicon wafer of the same diameter. Wafer thickness is determined by the mechanical strength of the material used; the wafer must be thick enough to support its own weight without cracking during handling.




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