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today i made a pong game using scratch, in my pong game, i had a "creeper head" as the pong ball, pistons as the paddles.
to program the paddles, you just need to set the paddles where you want, then have them move up and down wih certian keys that you have told the paddles to either go up or down when pressed.
(the left picture is the left paddle and the right picture is the right paddle.)

To program the ball(in this case, a creeper head), you have it so that if it touches a certian color, it will bounce off at a certian angle
exept when it touches the colors that signle that a player has won, when this happens, you make it send a signal to the point board to the corresponding player who has scored that point.

the day after that, i created a 2 player game on BYOB and we had to partner with someone so that we could actualy have a two player game.

my charecter is a blue circle with red eyes that i called the "blue bull", my partners charecter is a potato with a red hat, i belive that he called it the "pishSandwich", our objective was to hit the other player the most, i shot pacmen and he shot fire streams, the way we kepted track of this was by using a board counter which is what you see in the top right conner.
programing this was much like the pong game exept that this has 4 way motion and the chrecters have speacial abilitys.